A new Indian law firm for a new year.

There is now no question that tribal sovereignty benefits not only tribe members but also brings unique economic development opportunities to investors and local communities.

Tribal economic development brings billions of dollars to the rural United States. Indian gaming now equals commercial gaming in revenue, pumping billions of dollars to local economies and creating jobs. Native owned businesses hire tribe members and non-Indians alike.

Indian tribes manage tribal lands, protect and steward tribal resources, and serve as a strong voice for the protection of the natural environment.

But Indian tribes face an uncertain path in a new political climate. Tribes that have succeeded in building political and economic sovereignty are now in a position of defending the gains they have made.  In short, tribal leaders must now work to prevent the pendulum of Indian policy from swinging away from self-determination and towards abrogation of tribal sovereignty.

I started The Law Office of Patrick Sullivan to help tribal leadership craft proactive strategies to strengthen tribal communities, build tribal businesses, and defend hard-won victories. I also work with non-tribal entities that want to establish great relationships in Indian country. I could not have gotten to this stage without the help of my clients and my many teachers and colleagues and I am grateful for them all.

Please reach out to discuss how I can help.

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