Indian Law

The Law Office of Patrick Sullivan represents Indian tribes, tribal corporations, non-tribal entities and local governments.

Strengthening Tribal Governments
The highest priorities of tribal governments are to guarantee that tribal members are safe, have adequate employment opportunities, and access to education and health care.  Patrick Sullivan helps tribal governments to create and maintain healthy government-to-government relationships and ensure consultation with federal and state agencies on all actions which affect tribal members and Indian land.

Driving Tribal Economies
It is no secret that, like other rural communities, low employment is a major problem for tribal communities.  Tribal governments must take the lead in improving tribal economies through responsible growth and encouragement of entrepreneurship.  For those tribes with gaming operations, it is the responsibility of the tribal government to ensure that tribal gaming operations are successful, primarily benefit the tribe, and remain free from criminal activity.

Patrick Sullivan can help negotiate contracts between Indian tribes, contractors and investors that protect the Tribe’s assets through smart dispute resolution, limited waivers of sovereign immunity and choice of forum provisions, but also grow those assets by encouraging investment on Indian lands and in tribal businesses.

Securing Treaty Rights, Environmental and Energy Sovereignty
The United States and its agencies have treaty and trust obligations to Indian tribes and their members, and tribal control of the environmental and energy resources in Indian country is a central aspect of tribal sovereignty.

Patrick Sullivan can help protect treaty hunting, fishing and gathering rights, promote tribal control of environmental protection, ensure meaningful cooperation between federal, state and tribal governments in development and siting decision, and develop tribally owned energy generation and distribution infrastructure.